not your average huge impersonal New York Venue


* CHEFS who want to showcase their talents
* EVENT PLANNERS who want a more unique and intimate setting for their clients
* COMPANIES who want to have their clients meet in a private venue for corporate luncheons, breakfast meetings and dinners
* ANYONE wishing to have a nice an cozy location to celebrate a special occasion.

UNBEATABLE VIEW at a reasonable price

About Our Event Venue


* bathroom  (toilette paper/clean hand drying towels/hand soap will be provided) * coat rack
* kitchen (not a commercial kitchen but equipped well enough)
* dishwasher
* blender
* toaster
* microwave
* oven/stove (to reheat)
* fridge (let us know how much space you need ahead of time)  * potential use of the whole kitchen to cook for event but NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED!


* 4 six foot tables
* 1 large couch large (sits 3 comfortably)
* 14 dining room chairs (a few extra chairs: 2 balcony chairs and 2 wicker balcony chairs)
* round table which can be extended to an oval size (can sit 7 to 8) * square table which can sit 3 to 4 * regular lighting * t-lights (battery operated and/or real candles) * wicker chairs (2)

* small coffee table

What Is Available In The Venue Itself


peaceful atmosphere - get away from the concrete jungle and the noise

What We Offer


Coffee/tea cups
Espresso cups
Soup bowls
Large plates
Salad plates
Appetizer plates
Wine glasses Shot glasses
Champagne flutes Water glasses (medium size)
Steak knifes
Table spoons Soup spoons
Tea spoons
Dessert spoons
Demi-tasses (tiny spoons)
Dessert forks
Some Serving dishes (a few)

At extra cost also available

* 46 inch TV * DVD player
* Illy espresso medium roast coffee including decaf (usage of espresso machine free) * Colombian coffee (grounded) from West Market (usage of the 2 cups Italien coffee/espresso machine and thermos free ) * Assortments of teas and herbal teas including decaf - usage of thermos free * Assortments of sugar/sweeteners in individual packaging (Sweet N Low - Splenda - Stevia in the raw - Equal)